“I found that everyone I dealt with at the firm was professional and caring. I can’t think of one way to improve your law office. Never change. You are wonderful.”

Type of Case: MVA

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“The end result was very good. I would definitely recommend them to people!”

Type of Case: MVA

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I called very scared and uneasy and in pain from a dog attack. Doug Henderson called me right away and made the process so much easier and put me at ease the whole time. Everyone was wonderful to me and I appreciate all who were involved in handling my case. Thank you.”

Type of Case: Dog Bite

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“It was a good experience to have a patient and professional lawyer on my side.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“My experience was very professional. Tom was always available when I called and kept me updated frequently.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“From the first interview, I was amazed at the level of professionalism shown to me for an incident that I really didn’t believe was worthy of a lawyer. They worked and got me a settlement way above my expectations. This is a firm that can be trusted.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“Kiley Law Group was extremely helpful. They were courteous and kind through my whole ordeal. I would recommend them to friends and family.”

Type of Case: Motorcycle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I believe every option was weighed with my best interest and dealt with perfectly. I worked with Doug Henderson. Doug could not have been nicer or easier to talk to. Returned every phone call promptly if he wasn’t available. Very satisfied with my overall experience.”

Type of Case: Motor Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“Doug Henderson from Kiley Law represented me after I was involved in a car accident while I was working. I was amazed at how easily he guided me through such a traumatic experience. He was always available to me anytime I reached out to him. He resolved my case as fairly and swiftly as possible. I will and have referred many friends to the law group. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much for all your help over the past two years. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without you!”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I would tell anyone injured in an accident to see Doug Henderson, because I know he will handle your claim better than other firms. I am very pleased with my experience with Doug Henderson and the Kiley Law Group.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“Very helpful, great communication. I didn’t feel too lost or out of my depth through the entire process. I liked that my calls or messages were answered in a timely fashion.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“Right from the start I felt that your feedback relating to our claims was spot on and we were in very good hands with Kiley Law Group. I would recommend Kiley Law Group to anyone who wants the best legal advice! Thank you again for all your guidance and expertise during this process. The Kiley Law Group was exceptional in dealing with our case.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“It has been a pleasure working with Doug. Right from the beginning, he was always up front about the details of my suit and always responded to my questions.”

Type of Case: Slip-and-Fall

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I was very satisfied with the handling of my motor vehicle accident from 2013.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I greatly appreciate all the help they gave me. Kiley Law Group was a great choice for me. It was made very easy; I barely had to do a thing. They took care of me well. If you want easy, fast, respectable service, then this is the place to go.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“I was very pleased with the experience. Attorney Henderson did a great job of taking care of the whole case. Keep doing commercials on TV. When I looked up local lawyers on the Internet, I saw Kiley Law Group and had remembered seeing commercials. That’s why I chose you.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“Kiley Law Group was extremely professional and compassionate in the handling of my case.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated with the greatest care and concern. I could tell after the first meeting that Doug would get me what was mine. The professionalism and respect were top notch. This was my first lawyer interaction in my lifetime and they set the bar extremely high here. Kiley Law Group represents my new standard for service and excellence. Thanks, Doug, for everything.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

Former Client (Rating 5/5)

“My experience was exceptional. I was always informed and kept abreast of status. I felt everyone at the law office kept me in the loop. This proved to be a positive circumstance based on the timeline of my medical treatment and length of case.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

D.D. (Rating 5/5)

“Tom Kiley, Jr. was very reasonable and honest in the way he handled my lawsuit. He was very thorough and I believe got me the best settlement possible. He kept me informed throughout the long process.”

Type of Case: Premises Liability

D.V. (Rating 5/5)

“Attorney Henderson was extremely helpful during the whole process. Every question I had was quickly answered for the most part on the same day. I am thankful for all the hard work he has done on my behalf.”

Type of Case: Auto Accident

M.M. (Rating 5/5)

“Any time I had a question or concern, both Cindy or Attorney Kiley would be very quick to respond. Very personable and caring. They take time to explain the processes and ensured that I had a clear understanding. I highly recommend to anyone that would be in need of services. Everyone is very friendly and you are treated as a person, not just a case.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

A.D. (Rating 5/5)

“Tom Jr. helped me with compensation for a motor vehicle accident. He was extremely pleasant to work with.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

R.P. (Rating 5/5)

“Very professional. There was no problem with being kept informed. Although I was out of state, I received emails, faxes and phone calls.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

C.K. (Rating 5/5)

“Great experience, kept me informed throughout the entire process. I felt like he was really on my side and pushed for my rights. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with the last 2½ years.”

Type of Case: Accident Injury

K.J. (Rating 5/5)

“My case was handled well and with a great amount of understanding. I was fully informed and communicating concerns was very easy.”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

J.K. (Rating 5/5)

“Tom Kiley, Jr. handled my auto accident case with a high level of professionalism and dedication. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would not hesitate to use them again in the future or refer to friends and family. Thank you!”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

M.C (Rating 5/5)

“Outstanding in all communications. Never left you in doubt. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Type of Case: Trip and Fall

L.M. (Rating 5/5)

“Excellent. They handled my case very well!”

Type of Case: Motor Vehicle Accident

M.K. (Rating 5/5)

“I was very happy with all that Tom did. He is very professional and was responsive to me and my case.”

Type of Case: Trip & Fall

S.K. (Rating 5/5)

“Pleasant experience despite the unfortunate situation.”

Type of Case: Motorcycle Accident

E.N. (Rating 4/5)

“Kiley Law Group’s courtesy and confidence made this difficult time more bearable. Their knowledge and experience allowed me to relax and worry less. Thank you.”

A.K. (Rating 5/5)

“We were very happy with the job Tom did, with keeping in contact with us. Prompt and good outcome. Thank you.”

B.K. (Rating 5/5)

“My experience was very positive. Tom Kiley, Jr. was very responsive, attentive, and handled my case with empathy and care. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome and the service.”

F.A. (Rating 5/5)

“Tom asked all of the right questions and displayed both a strong knowledge of the law and compassion. I tell everyone about Kiley Law Group. Thank you, Tom!”

Melissa F. (Rating 5/5)

“I was thoroughly impressed with the professional services offered with Kiley Law Group and will continue recommending prospective clients. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Tom Kiley, Jr. for everything that has been accomplished throughout this sensitive time.”

Kim P. (Rating 5/5)

“The experience was great. I’m very happy with the result that came about.”

Jodi P. (Rating 5/5)

“Injured from a car accident. Attorney Kiley was absolutely great. He took the time to explain what was to occur and what to expect. Thank you so much. I would and will recommend. They were superior professionals.”

Paul H. (Rating 5/5)

“I felt that they were very honest and professional and did everything that they said, without fail. They were nice guys, very prompt, and I would recommend them to anybody.”

Paul D. (Rating 5/5)

“Excellent! Attorney Kiley was always warm and helpful. He never seemed to lack for my concern and always responded to me in a timely manner. I never felt forgotten and was never bogged down with complicated matters. It was a pain free process and I’m very satisfied with the results.”

Brittany C. (Rating 5/5)

“The Kiley Law Group was very caring and concerned for my feelings. They explained all the options in great detail that even I, with my grief at losing my wife of 30+ years, was able to understand.

They kept me informed about all aspects of the case. If I had any questions, they answered them or called me right back. I have a very warm feeling about them. Now that my case is over, I am almost sad that I will not be seeing them.

I would and do highly recommend them. Their knowledge of the law was amazing. I cannot say enough good about them as lawyers and human beings.”

Jaime B. (Rating 7/7)

“I would absolutely recommend the Kiley Law Group to anyone.
After my accident, I initially contacted my family lawyer. I was very unsure what would happen and this is where I turned. After a few weeks and some research, I looked at Kiley Law Group and decided to contact them. Personal injury is what they do and after my initial meeting, I thought they would do the best job for me.

I never worried or gave much concern for the next year. Every question I had was answered and they went beyond my expectations as to my settlement. They made the best of a bad situation.

Many people who get hurt don’t know where to turn and what to do. I didn’t, I admit it.

Attorney Kiley was superb. Every phone call was returned quickly, every question answered. All medical bills were taken care of.

Any chance I get, I will recommend the Kiley Law Group!”

Douglas A. (Rating 7/7)

“The Kiley Law Group handled my auto accident case. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my case. Thank you again.”

Angela M. (Rating 7/7)

“Everyone involved with my case was outstanding. Everyone was very polite and kind. It was a very easy process with the Kiley Law Group. I highly recommend this law group for everyone. It was a pleasure working with Tom Kiley, Jr. and Tom Kiley, Sr. All of my expectations were met.”

Daniel M. (Rating 7/7)

“My experience at the law firm was very good. Everyone was inviting and made me feel welcome. I would tell that everyone was hardworking and motivated to do the best they could for me. I am happy I chose Kiley Law Group. The Kiley Law Group handled my personal injury case, and I have previously worked with one other lawyer. My experience was great and I would definitely recommend Tom Kiley, Jr. and the law group again.”

Samuel G. (Rating 7/7)

“Pam and Tom were the best from beginning to the end.

We would highly recommend Kiley Law Group to anyone – in fact we have.

We are very pleased with the results.”

John R. (Rating 7/7)

“The Kiley Law Group handled my accident case. I am very satisfied.”

Guy R. (Rating 7/7)

“After my auto accident I was consumed with paper/calls in regards to my case, so a friend referred me to Tom Kiley, Jr. After speaking with Tom Kiley, Jr., he put me at ease and handled my case. He always kept me informed with what was going on and helped during a difficult time.

I appreciate everything he has done, and for always going the extra mile. I will definitely refer anyone to Kiley Law office if they need a personal injury lawyer.”

Elizabeth C. (Rating 7/7)

“I recommend the Kiley Law Group. I have known four generations of the Kileys. Who else would I go to?”

William S. (Rating: 7/7)

“I suffered a serious head injury in an automobile accident. I was struck in my lane of travel by a driver who was distracted dialing her cell phone.

Tom Kiley and his firm represented me. He was caring and attentive and obtained a significant award for me, that provided financial security. His experience and ability in negotiating with the insurance company was evident.

I highly recommend Tom Kiley to anyone who has a serious injury. In my view he is one of the best attorneys, not only in Andover, but in Massachusetts. Excellent service! The entire office went above and beyond my expectations. He handled my case as if I were family.”

Pamela F.

“Mr. Kiley was very caring right from our first meeting. He took one look at our injuries and told us he would do his best for us. I don’t think we would have gotten a thing if it hadn’t been for him.”

Rosa C.

“I am completely satisfied with the services of Kiley Law Group. Attorney Tom Kiley, Jr. was a gentleman, always returned my phone calls and resolved my case quickly for the maximum available insurance coverage.”

Patricia V.

“Doug Henderson was very helpful, professional and kind from our first meeting.”

Virginia L.