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Worcester, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyers

Kiley Law Group has 40 years of experience working as personal injury attorneys. Our law firm represent clients in Worcester and covering Central Massachusetts, including in Millbury, Worcester, Shrewsbury and Auburn. 

Worcester Car Accident Lawyers

Kiley Law Group’s Worcester personal injury lawyers have expertise handling claims involving car accidents and specifically personal injuries, which are growing concerns for the city of Worcester.

Kiley Law Group represent plaintiffs in car wreck cases throughout Massachusetts. Our lawyers have the necessary experience, expertise and resources to assist clients and their different kinds of car accident claims, including the ones with large vehicles and trucks. Our Lawyers handle car accident cases at all stages and we are always ready to take cases to court if our clients receive an unfair settlement offer.

Experience is an essential when hiring a lawyer after any car accident. Kiley Law Group, our lawyers experienced representing clients who have been seriously injured or tragically died in personal injury accidents, including slip and fall accidents. When you hire our lawyers, you should expect a quick and extensive investigation after a personal injury. The Kiley Law Group goal is to give families and individuals the answers about what happened and how to negotiate financial compensation that you deserve from medical expenses, lost wages and any other losses. 

About the City of Worcester

Worcester has more than 180,000 residents and was made a town in 1722, and then a city after 1847.

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The days, weeks and even months following a personal injury incident can be extremely confusing and stressful, leaving many accident victims with more questions than answers –Do I have a case? Who’s responsible for my injuries? Am I entitled to any sort of compensation? We have the experience to answer your questions, build your case and get you the compensation that you need to recover.

At Kiley Law Group in Worcester, Massachusetts, we want to make your experience with us as convenient as possible. That’s why our attorneys are willing to come TO YOU. If you can’t make it into our Andover office due to injury, your work schedule or for any other reason, our attorneys will visit you at your home, at your office or any other location in Worcester that is most CONVENIENT FOR YOU.