13 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

According to the American Bar Association, there are nearly 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. Of that number, a vast majority of them are personal injury lawyers. Hundreds of thousands of personal injury lawsuits and claims are filed every year. But with such a large pool of available attorneys, it can be difficult

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How to Host a Party That Everyone Will Remember?

Hosting a party that every guest recalls for years to come is the goal of any good host. It takes a lot of work, both before and during the party to make it memorable, but sometimes you also want the party that you threw to be the one that gets

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Post Holiday Detox

Holiday season is always a whirlwind. From gift shopping to holiday parties, across the world people have been celebrating the end-of-year holidays. After all of the excitement and high-energy from the holidays, we’re sure you’re in need of a holiday detox. Food, alcohol, local and distance travel, and lack of

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Surviving Northeast Winters

If you’ve lived in the Northeast long enough, you know the winter season can be tough. While winter weather can be lovely to look at, it can be treacherous to live through. Roads and sidewalks can be slick and slippery, and it takes a bit more preparation, care, and caution

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Winter Sports Injury Liability in New England

New England is known for a number of outdoor attractions throughout the year, such as fishing in the spring, scenic beaches and hiking trails in summer, foliage in the autumn and snow sports in the winter. With snowboarders and skiers coming from around the U.S. to popular mountains such as

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New Years Resolutions For an Injury Free Year

Every year, millions of Americans set New Year’s resolutions to have a healthier, safer, more fulfilling year. And every year, most of them don’t last more than a few weeks. But, if you’re going to keep any New Year’s resolutions, be sure to keep these four in 2018. Don’t Allow

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