Sentencing Over Contaminated Drug Case Possibly Not the End

Glenn Chin, of the Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center, was sentenced to eight years in prison for his connection to contaminated drugs that killed 76 people and sickened more than 800. Federal prosecutors had attempted to see Chin convicted of the second-degree murder of 25 people who received tainted steroid shots from his facility. They […]

Ski Vacation Rental Liability

It’s been a great winter with New Englanders reveling in the fresh powder on Mount Snow, the Berkshire Mountains in Mass, and other peaks throughout the region. Often times, this means renting a room, reserving a bed at a B&B, or searching home sharing sites like Airbnb and HomeAway. For those in the region with […]

Boston Cyclist’s Death

At least 13 bicyclists have been killed during the period of 2010-2015, reports the Boston Globe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 9 had died in Massachusetts in 2015 alone, though no fatalities were reported in that year. That is unless you count the death of Dr. Anita Kurmann, who was crushed by […]

OSHA Cites Construction Company for Repeatedly Failing to Protect Employees

On January 5, 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited and fined the construction company behind a workplace fatality in the summer of 2017. Six months prior, on July 11, 2017, OSHA opened an inspection into the Schnabel Foundation Company after a 2,600-pound rock crushed a worker to death. […]

New Years Resolutions For an Injury Free Year

Every year, millions of Americans set New Year’s resolutions to have a healthier, safer, more fulfilling year. And every year, most of them don’t last more than a few weeks. But, if you’re going to keep any New Year’s resolutions, be sure to keep these four in 2018.   Don’t Allow Distractions When Driving “Distracted […]

Surviving Northeast Winters

If you’ve lived in the Northeast long enough, you know the winter season can be tough. While winter weather can be lovely to look at, it can be treacherous to live through. Roads and sidewalks can be slick and slippery, and it takes a bit more preparation, care, and caution to traverse the winter landscape. […]

Massachusetts Deemed “Healthiest State in the Nation” Despite 69% Increase in Drug Related Deaths

For the first time in five years, Hawaii was not ranked the “#1 Healthiest State in America”. Instead, that honor went to Massachusetts. The Bay State beat out other U.S. states based on its low percentage of uninsured residents, low prevalence of obesity, a decrease of children living in poverty and for having the highest […]

Post Holiday Detox

Holiday season is always a whirlwind. From gift shopping to holiday parties, across the world people have been celebrating the end-of-year holidays. After all of the excitement and high-energy from the holidays, we’re sure you’re in need of a holiday detox. Food, alcohol, local and distance travel, and lack of sleep have likely taken a […]

Keeping Children Safe During Haloween

Though a good scare is often looked for on Halloween, avoid one when it comes to child safety.   As parents across the country dress up their children in their favorite superhero or princess outfits, they usually are thinking about how much fun the little tykes will have, the candy they’ll have to sift through, […]

If You Have Employees, Know Your Responsibilities

This summer, a local construction worker in Woburn died when a 2,000-pound boulder fell and landed on top of him. He was working on the Woburn Public Library’s foundation as part of a multi-billion dollar renovation project. The cause is still under investigation by the Massachusetts State Police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). […]

School’s In! – 5 Ways to Stay Safe and Sane During the Morning Commute

A recent study by Allianz, a British insurance company, found that parents’ stress levels were 30 percent higher in the morning, as they anticipate the school drop-off. The stress hormone cortisol peaked around 8:15 a.m. when parents were heading out the door. Further, a third of the parents said the school run could mess up “timings […]

Personal Injury at Concerts

Patrons injured in an accident during a music concert may have a valid reason to file a claim – but the knowledge of how it differs from other personal injury cases will be essential What can go wrong at a concert? Appreciated for their artistic value and unique atmosphere, large music concerts can provide a […]

Swimming Pool Liability and Safety

 Without proper supervision and adequate safety measures, a summer swim in the backyard pool can quickly take a tragic turn Chilling statistics on household pools There are approximately 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US and with recent Boston temperatures creeping up into the low 90’s local homeowners who have one on their property […]

July is Medical Malpractice Awareness Month

As medical malpractice cases can be complex and challenging, the value of being properly informed cannot be underestimated. Little awareness despite high payouts A completely inaccurate diagnosis leads to a prolonged, ineffective, and painful treatment; a careless surgeon leaves a piece of medical equipment in a patient’s body, resulting in infection and life-threatening complications; a […]

Bicycle Commuting

  Bicycles are a great form of recreation and an environmentally friendly alternative to a car – but on the road, they should be treated and handled like any other vehicle Cyclists on the rise   With 8,141 people who regularly use a bicycle as a means of everyday transportation – an equivalent of 2.4% […]

Smoke and Mirrors: Reflecting on Massachusetts’ Marijuana Law

As of January 1, 2017, marijuana is legal in Massachusetts. Although there are a number of aspects of marijuana’s legalization throughout the state that will be worked out as time progresses, adults over the age of 21 will be legally allowed to possess, use and home-grow marijuana. Massachusetts joins Colorado, Washington, and five other states […]

What the Future of Autonomous Vehicles Really Looks Like

Kiley Law Group, LLC While big car manufacturers announce plans to deploy self-driving cars in the near future, smaller technology companies are already operating autonomous fleets in US cities   Making inroads into Boston traffic Self-driving cars and autonomous vehicle technologies are for many, one of the most exciting advancements at the modern-day frontier of innovation. […]

Truck Accidents and You

Massachusetts is a hub for production and distribution, with ports accessible for shipping via water, air and land. Semi-trucks are common fixtures on our highways and roads, and most people learned to share the road with large trucks when they obtained their licenses. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best prepared drivers can be involved in traffic […]

Post Accident Surveillance

Can your insurance claim be under surveillance? If you have recently been injured in a car accident, it is natural that you will file a claim with your insurance company to get compensation not only for the damage to your car but more importantly for potential medical expenses. Surely, you expect your insurer to handle […]

Drunk Driving Fatalities on the Rise

   After years of relative decline, the number of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents has begun rising again.   March 17th, known internationally as Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is for many people in the US an enjoyable way to celebrate Irish and Irish American tradition and culture. Sadly, it is also […]

Bullying in Boston Schools

Bullying continues to be an enormous problem for children, parents, and schools in our country. Exact statistics vary from study to study, but the National Center for Educational Statistics released a report last year that over one in five students report having been bullied. This number rises to one in four for black students, and […]

Is Walgreens Partially to Blame for Boston’s Opioid Abuse Epidemic?

Our country currently faces one of the worst drug epidemics it has ever seen, and Massachusetts ranks among the top states grappling with the problem. Opioid drugs, including prescription painkillers as well as illegally manufactured “street drugs” like heroin, have led to startling increases in drug overdose deaths in the past few years. Tens of […]

What If You Suspect a Child Is Being Abused or Neglected?

Child abuse and neglect have huge consequences on our society. As more and more children grow up in abusive or neglectful situations, they encounter developmental issues that affect their ability to function normally. Mental health issues and physical debilitations often result. Because child abuse and neglect in Massachusetts can impact a person’s entire life, people […]

5 Deadliest Massachusetts Jobs

Most people would consider working conditions in the state of Massachusetts fairly good compared to many other regions around the world and, indeed, many other states. According to the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Statistics Program, Massachusetts had a lower-than-average rate of nonfatal injury and illness compared to the country as a whole. Total nonfatal injuries […]

Is Cycling in Boston Getting Safer?

Strategic improvements have made the streets of Boston safer for cyclists according to a recent Harvard University study. Data from the study published in the most recent issue of American Journal of Public Health shows that bicycle accidents injuries in Boston were reduced by 14 percent during the period from 2009 to 2012.   Researchers […]

Happy Holidays, from Kiley Law Group

As 2016 comes to a close and we take the time to reflect on the highs and places for improvement of the past year, everyone at Kiley Law Group wanted to take a moment to recognize the very best part of our year: You. Our clients and everyone who we work with are essential to the […]

Icy Road Driving Tips

Winter is here in Massachusetts, and the icy roads are already showing their teeth. Just recently, a Massachusetts state trooper was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries after skidding and colliding with the median on I-95. He was later released in stable condition, but this incident illustrates how even the most experienced, trained drivers […]

Understanding Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Massachusetts

Getting into a car accident in Massachusetts is a stressful and traumatic experience for everyone involved. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you may be dealing with physical injuries, damage to your vehicle, and the financial burdens that result from both. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to drive without auto insurance coverage, but […]

Strict Liability in a Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawsuit

What is Strict Liability? In Massachusetts, state law recognizes strict liability as one of 3 actionable torts, or wrongdoings. The other two torts, negligence and intentional, revolve around the at-fault party’s inability to act appropriately. An actionable tort is focused on unforeseen dangers. Strict liability is a tort in which a situation is deemed inherently […]

Confidentiality Provisions in Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Settlement Agreements

Confidentiality Provisions If you or a loved one suffered injuries or illness due to medical negligence and you have sought compensation from the liable parties, your Massachusetts medical malpractice case may include a confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality provision is part of the settlement document that is signed by all parties involved in the case when […]

Lead Poisoning and Child Injury in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts premises liability attorney can file a claim against a landlord or school that exposes children to lead in buildings. In addition to federal rules, certain states, such as Massachusetts, have laws that prohibit housing or caring for children on premises that have lead paint. States have been very aggressive in public education on […]

Roller Coasters and Child Brain Injuries

Amusement parks should be places of entertainment and happiness, but on occasion, they can turn into places of horror. When theme park operators neglect their number one priority – safety – horrific child injuries can occur. According to the list of amusement park injuries maintained by, some of the common child injuries that occur […]

How can I make my child’s playground safe for them?

Modern design and materials have made playgrounds much safer than they were a few decades ago. Poured rubber has replaced cement and more dangerous playground equipment has been phased out. But, there are still hazards present on all Boston playgrounds, and children still suffer significant injuries in playground accidents. Kids will be kids, and there […]

Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection Benefits for Drivers

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits for Drivers Massachusetts has one of the most complicated insurance systems in the United States. For example, Massachusetts insurance law requires the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to be included in every motor-vehicle liability or auto-insurance policy. What does Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection Coverage Mean? Every auto-insurance policy in Massachusetts must […]

Can I Sue an Employee of the State?

Anyone who is injured intentionally, or because of the negligence of another person, is entitled to pursue compensation for any damages that they have incurred. This applies in car accidents, slip and falls, and any other cause of personal injuries. Suing a state employee in Massachusetts is no different, but the law can be a […]

Effects of a Dog Attack

We grow up thinking that dog is man’s best friend. When bitten by what should be a loyal and trusted companion, more than physical wounds appear, especially in children. Psychological and emotional effects are not limited to children; however, they are quite prevalent in child victims. The emotional and psychological effects of dog bites on […]

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Any injury can leave someone suffering from permanent disabilities. A car accident, slip and fall, or many other situations can leave you hurt. But, there are some injuries so serious they affect your entire life, and the lives of everyone around you. These are catastrophic injuries, and they can leave you unable to work and […]

Pedestrian Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Each year, 5,000 pedestrians die in car accidents. That’s the size of a small town. In Boston, we’ve been pretty lucky. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, the Boston region (from Quincy to the New Hampshire border) is the safest U.S. metropolitan area for pedestrians. From 2003-2012, the Boston region reported less […]

Proving Negligence in Boston Personal Injury Cases

When plaintiffs suffer injuries in an accident, they don’t automatically qualify for compensation. In personal injury cases, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, which means the injured person must prove negligence on the part of another individual or entity to claim monetary compensation for their losses. Understanding the principle of “negligence” as it applies to personal […]

How Common Are Surgical Errors?

The time immediately before, during, and after a surgical procedure can be critical for patients. A new study has uncovered a staggering number of mistakes made during this critical stage by medical professionals here in Massachusetts. The study, as reported in The Daily Beast, analyzed over 275 surgical procedures performed at Massachusetts General Hospital. In those procedures, about half […]

Winter Weather Strategies That Can Extend Your Riding Season

Motorcyclists that live in warm climate areas of the United States have no trouble riding all year-round. With a near-constant supply of sun and over 60-degree temperatures, those riders are not hindered by the different seasons. In the northeast of the U.S., however, winter weather strikes with a vengeance, bringing rain, snow, ice, and temperatures […]

Types of Boston Burn Injuries

Burn injuries involve damage so severe it kills skin cells. There are many different types of burns and different degrees of burns a person can suffer. Many first and some second degree burns can heal on their own with home remedies. But more serious burn injuries need immediate medical attention to prevent complications and even death.

Dealing with Behavior Issues After a Boston Head Injury

Serious head injuries often have long-lasting consequences for the victims and their families. The family of someone who has suffered head trauma may have to deal with a number of complicated issues. Many victims of brain injuries experience behavioral problems and changes in their personalities that can prove challenging for their family members. The financial […]

The Potential Value of Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you’ve been involved in a Boston motorcycle accident, it’s possible that you suffered a serious injury such as brain trauma, broken bones, or internal injuries. You may wonder who will pay your medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs. If your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, financial support could be available […]

Boston Launches New 311 Hotline

The city of Boston has a new phone number. For years residents called (617) 635-4500 to reach someone at City Hall 24 hours day to report potholes, graffiti and or anything for the city to fix. Now it just got a little easier for the people to be heard. Boston has switched over to 311 as […]

Keeping Your Child’s Brain Active This Summer

Your children have worked hard all school year. Now they have a chance to relax, have fun and sleep in a little. It’s great that kids in Boston have this time off, but it is important that they don’t forget everything they just learned. Keeping your children’s brains active during the summer is key to […]

Steps to Take after a Construction Accident

Construction consistently ranks among the most dangerous industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), of the 4,101 worker fatalities in the year 2013, 828 were in construction. The leading causes of fatal construction accidents that year included falls, being struck by an object, electrocution and caught-in/between machinery.

Kiley Law Group, LLC Now Also Located in Boston

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Kiley Law Group, LLC are happy to announce the opening of our new office at 290 Congress Street, Suite 7034, in Boston proper! Now Bostonians seeking professional assistance with their injury claims can receive our excellent legal services locally. For more than 30 years, Attorney Thomas M. Kiley and […]

Best Fourth of July Traditions

America is a land of tradition. And there is no tradition more sacred to this great nation than celebrating the day on which our forefathers adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, signifying the birth of the United States. Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a great day to enjoy […]

Sexual Assault Resources

Help is available to survivors of sexual assault, no matter what the circumstances. It takes a lot of courage, character, and strength to seek help after a sexual assault that occurred in a residential school or on behalf of a friend or loved one. Sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor. There is […]

Preventing Slip-and-Fall Accidents in the Summer

Slip-and-fall accidents do not just happen during icy Boston winters and wet rainy springs. Such accidents can occur at any time. In fact, many slipping hazards exist during the summer months, both indoors and out. Sometimes, summer slips result in even more severe injuries because they are unexpected and surprising. Here are a few tips […]

Common Summer Burn Injuries

Sunburns are not the only kind of burns that increase during the summer. Burn injuries increase as people gather around fire pits, outdoor grills, and campfires. In fact, children are the most vulnerable to these types of seasonal fire hazards. Make sure you understand these hazards and do your part in preventing serious burn injuries. […]

Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

Your spinal cord is responsible for carrying information between your peripheral nervous system and your brain. The bones in your back and neck called vertebrae protect your spinal cord. If these bones take a sudden severe blow, it could result in trauma to the spinal cord, disrupting communication between your limbs and brain. This can […]

Tips for Drivers in Winter Weather

Driving in Boston at any time of year can prove treacherous, but it is particularly dangerous on our roadways in winter. Even on a beautiful, warm day, Boston drivers have to worry about severe congestion, some poorly maintained streets and drivers who are distracted, impaired and/or fatigued. In the winter, these issues are worsened by […]