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In the high stakes game of personal injury law, Boston Attorney Thomas Kiley is known as The Million-Dollar Man. ~ Boston Herald

Talk to the law team that has won over $500 MILLION for Massachusetts injury victims

$1.6 Million Settlement

Catastrophic Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

$785,000 Settlement

Crushed Ankle Injury from Motorcycle Accident

$485,000 Settlement

Motorcyclist with Multiple Fractures

$450,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death

$270,000 Settlement

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident

$265,000 Settlement

Arm and Elbow Fractures from Motorcycle Accident

$160,000 Settlement

Fractured Leg from Motorcycle Accident

$125,000 Settlement

Fatal Motorcycle Crash

$100,000 Settlement

Soft Tissue Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

One Call Makes The Difference

We have worked with thousands of clients over the years and are proud of the results that we have obtained for them. Every case is different and the verdict or settlement you get will depend on many factors. The case results listed below are examples of some of the clients that we have worked with and the outcomes they experienced.

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