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Massachusetts Dog Bite Injury Cases at Kiley Law Group

There are few things more terrifying than when an animal attacks. Whether provoked or not, pet owners have a responsibility to ensure the safe behavior of their pets. Because their instincts are wild, they may cause serious injury, which can change the life of the person attacked.

Dog bites pose a major public health problem in children and adults worldwide. The health impacts of dog bites are dependent on the type and health of the dog species, the size and health of the bitten person, and accessibility to appropriate health care.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, first, seek necessary medical attention.
Make sure to take pictures of any injuries.
Get contact information from witnesses and the pet owner, if available.

The attorneys with Kiley Law Group have more than 40 years of experience protecting the victims of dog bite injuries and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve after a dog has attacked. These injuries can take a physical, emotional and financial toll on the victim and their family, and Kiley Law Group knows how to hold the responsible party accountable. If you or a family member suffered from injuries due to a dog, please call our office for a free consultation; our attorneys are proud to serve families throughout Massachusetts.

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The attorneys at the Kiley Law Group have spent 40 years protecting New England families from unfair insurance settlements following a dog attack. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that the victims and their families receive the compensation they need and deserve to move beyond their circumstances, especially when caused by an unsupervised animal. While compensation doesn’t revise history, it does allow the victim and the victim’s family to pay medical expenses and obtain ongoing treatment or care which will allow them to reclaim the quality of life lost following the attack. The dog bite team at Kiley Law Group understands how to stand up to negligent pet owners, and will do the same for you and your family. If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog, contact us today at 888-435-1321 to schedule your free case review. We don’t charge unless we win; call today.

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Should I get a lawyer for my dog bite injury?

In the aftermath of a dog bite injury, it can be difficult to know which actions to take, which is why it is important to contact an attorney to help explain those fundamental steps. On average, less than 1 percent of dog bite victims get compensated because many do not contact a lawyer.

Some people attempt to get compensation without hiring a lawyer, but dealing with the insurance companies on your own isn’t advisable, as insurance companies are often focused on limiting their own liability and paying out as little as possible. Having an experienced attorney in your corner who knows what you should and should not say to the insurance companies could save you thousands of dollars.

I don't want the situation to get more messy by involving lawyers. Is hiring a lawyer really necessary?
Not all dog bite injuries go to court. In fact, at least 98 percent of all bodily injury cases are settled before going to court. Hiring an experienced attorney won’t prolong the case, it’s actually more likely to speed the case up and ensure things are done accurately and efficiently. Retaining an attorney early in the process allows the attorney to work with the insurance adjuster to make certain the claim is easier to settle.
What is the compensation like for a dog bite?

In addition to the physical and emotional trauma of a dog bite, sometimes these incidents come with substantial medical bills. Severe dog bite injuries can leave victims out of work while medical bills stack up. When a dog bite is due to negligence, victims have a right to look into legal action. Kiley Law Group offers free case evaluations for all potential clients, and we will work diligently on your behalf to get you everything you deserve.