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Reflecting With Gratitude on Over 40 Years of Helping People

Happy thanksgiving from Kiley Law Group

The Kiley Law Group has had the honor of helping thousands of clients through some of the most difficult experiences in their lives over a period of more than 40 years. We have come to know our clients and their families personally as we have fought for them, and we do count it a privilege to have been of assistance.

Attorneys can become emotionally invested in the plight of their clients and how could they not? We’re often dealing with grieving mothers and fathers, cases involving young children, wrongful death, drunk driving and medical malpractice. For each one of the lawyers here at Kiley Law Group, it is so much more than just a day job.

“When you come to Kiley Law Group, you’re not just hiring a lawyer. You’re hiring a team of professionals that have the experience, the resources, the know-how and the dedication to get you the best possible result for your injuries and to get compensation for you for your lost earnings, your medical expenses and any future disability or problems you may have during your life that are related to your injury,” said Tom Kiley, Sr., himself having 40 years of experience.

“In our firm, our culture is that we’re client-oriented, and we want to make it the best experience that you could possibly have given the circumstance that you’re in. Injuries and claims and loss of income, the occurrence of medical bills is a very stressful situation, and most people who we represent don’t understand the process. So, we educate them. We hold their hands. We make them feel comfortable with the process.”

Personal injury accidents have a profound impact on everyone involved, but most especially the victim since their life is often changed forever. While the work we do isn’t going to bring back a loved one, or see someone completely healed from their injuries, we are comforted by the fact that we were able to help with the healing process.

In this season of gratitude and reflection, the Kiley Law Group would like to look back at some of our more memorable cases that we’ve been privileged to work on.

Caring for His Daughter’s Education

It’s always sobering to think about how fast things can happen, and the way it impacts our families. For one of our clients, sudden events took the 52-year-old from his only child. The man had just purchased his first Harley Davidson motorcycle and was taking his first solo ride when another driver cut him off. It was supposed to be a wonderful thing – first ride on a new motorcycle – and it turned out to be a devastating crash.

He was thrown from the motorcycle and died.

We took the case and worked diligently to prove the negligence of the other driver and the wrongful death of the father. The settlement of $270,000 was awarded to his only daughter, who is using the money to fulfill what her father likely would have done had he not been killed – pay for her education.

So Much Hope, Gone

Another case that comes to mind is that of a 16-year old boy who drowned due to a school’s negligence. What made this more heart-wrenching, though, was that the young man had so much promise in his life. He had worked extremely hard to get there. The school was a prep school, and the student was an outstanding athlete there on a scholarship. Had he survived, he would have been the first member of his entire family to attend college.

Yet, lack of supervision by the school led to his drowning in a tidal pool.

It’s hard enough to regain your footing and go from one day to the next after any kind of wrongful death accident, and when dealing with the loss of someone so young and who showed so much promise, it is even more difficult.

Kiley Law Group lawyers represented the grieving mother of the boy and helped her achieve a $1,000,000 settlement.

Wait and See

A client of ours had been aware of a congenital heart condition that was life-threatening. For several years, this husband and father of two young children sought treatment. Year after year, he and his family placed their trust in the care of the cardiologist who continued to delay dealing with the issue. The doctor even continued to see a deterioration of the narrowing aortic valve, but maintained a “wait and see” attitude rather than working to save his life.

As the family reeled from his wrongful death and sued the doctor, the cardiologist blamed the patient. During the course of the case, the cardiologist asserted that the man had died because he’d failed to follow through with an echocardiogram one month prior to his death. However, we had found evidence that the reason the echocardiogram wasn’t performed was that the cardiologist himself hadn’t shown up for the appointment and made no efforts to reschedule. In fact, a follow up wasn’t even on the books for another three months. Meanwhile, the doctor had been writing in his records after each visit that the patient required aortic valve replacement surgery.

Yet, it never happened, and he died as a direct result of complacency. Kiley Law Group was able to get a $3.85 million settlement for the young family to compensate for the financial loss of death as well as the loss of his companionship, society, and guidance.

We Take The Burden

For more than 40 years, we’ve seen case after case where families are devastated by personal injury or the loss of a loved one. Their whole world is turned upside down. We reflect with gratitude that we’ve been able to do our small part to ease their suffering by helping them get the compensation they need to care for medical expenses, property loss, and the impact wrongful injuries have on their everyday lives.

It’s not about the money in these settlements that we’re thankful for. It’s that we were able to help a family in their time of need, to ease their suffering and assist them with finding some level of comfort after truly terrible events.