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Surviving Northeast Winters

stay safe in the winter

If you’ve lived in the Northeast long enough, you know the winter season can be tough. While winter weather can be lovely to look at, it can be treacherous to live through. Roads and sidewalks can be slick and slippery, and it takes a bit more preparation, care, and caution to traverse the winter landscape. In order to stay safe in the winter weather, it’s essential to take your time.

Taking your time can ensure that you are able to make the best decisions during inclement weather. If you’re not running from one location to the next, you’ll have the ability to dress appropriately for the weather, plan your trip based on the predicted safest route, and when you’re walking, look down and choose your steps wisely. As with most things in life, a proper strategy can help to avoid pitfalls that may be in your way. The best method to planning an effective strategy? Taking the time to do it right.

Our winter has been eventful so far; strong winds and cold temperatures accompanying blizzards have contributed to poor conditions.

Through the rest of the winter, and whenever there’s inclement weather throughout the year, take your time and move safely. We know it’s not always possible to stay safe during inclement weather. If you, a family member or friend have been injured because of a slip-and-fall or auto accident, please call us today 978.965.3228 for your free consultation – Let us help.