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If you have ever suffered personal injury in a car wreck, pedestrian accident, construction hazard in Lawrence, you should look medical treatment and consult a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Car Accidents

The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission performed an audit and found that the intersection of Route 114 and Andover Street continues to have one of the highest car accident rates in the entire region.

Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers have a duty to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, abide by speed limits and not use their phone while they drive. Massachusetts, has banned drivers from texting and driving. They legally can use a handheld cell phone, but any kind of cell phone usage is distracting and can cause a car accident.

There are large number of car crashes in Lawrence, pedestrians of all ages are at the mercy of careless drivers.

Construction Accidents

When construction businesses set up their necessary items, they have a duty to protect their employees. They must take the best steps, such as putting up proper signs, teaching employees their specific jobs, and securing a site for them to work. This is what ought to happen. Frequently, construction companies ignore safety guidelines to save money and time. Resulting in a number of dangerous situations that can play out and put workers in harm’s way, just for doing their job. Those who live through it all will experience long lasting emotional stress and will need assistance coping.

Falls are one of the most frequent types of construction hazards in Massachusetts. Falls often occur because companies are not providing proper supervision or putting up enough safeguards. Workers can also fall while using unsecured equipment or while working with scaffolding. Chemical exposure and gas explosions are another common construction hazard and if workers live, they always cause severe burns and lasting injuries.

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Andover personal injury law firm helping all of Massachusetts, including in Lawrence, North Andover, Haverhill and surrounding areas. If you have been severely injured, it is important to find medical attention, then consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

An attorney can help you determine if you are able file a claim for damage. In Massachusetts, damages may be given for medical bills, lost earnings, for scarring and disability, for loss of enjoyment of life, for loss of consortium and for pain and suffering. severe damages may be awarded in some wrongful death cases.

The personal injury attorneys at Kiley Law Group have over 100 years combined experience dealing with injury claims and we offer a free legal consultation. We know that when an accident happens, lives are changed forever. Daily routines are thrown off and how devastating economic losses can be. 

Our partners each have over 40 years of personal experience helping people who’ve been injured. We are devoted to our work and results for clients. But if you do not obtain a fair compensation of settlement, you can expect us to take your case to trial, so you can receive a fair result.

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