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A personal injury can befall you anywhere and at any time in Nashua, New Hampshire. Even if you take every precaution, an accidental injury can occur unexpectedly in Hillsborough County. You may suddenly experience a slip-and-fall in a parking lot while running errands. Or, while driving on the Everett Turnpike, another motorist may hit your car.

So frequent are these incidents that, in 2016, accidental injuries caused some 39.5 million doctor’s office visits across the US. Sadly, investigations often reveal that these accidents could have been avoided if the responsible party had taken reasonable care.

If another person’s recklessness has caused you or your loved one to experience a personal injury in or around Nashua, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath on your own. Kiley Law Group is here to help. Our personal injury attorneys can use their decades of experience with personal injury law to fight for you so that you can focus your attention on healing. Call us at 888-437-2584 for a free consultation.

Areas of Personal Injury Law We Cover in Nashua, NH

Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of claims. The purpose is to protect your rights when you are injured due to the negligence of someone else. You thus are entitled to be compensated for what was lost and to see that other potential offenders are discouraged.

Some practice areas that our attorneys of Kiley Law Group cover in Nashua, NH, include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Premises liability and slip-and-fall: Slip-and-fall accidents injure thousands of people each year in New Hampshire. These incidents fall under premises liability law because the owner or manager of a premises has a legal responsibility to ensure a safe environment for visitors. Failure to promptly tend to hazards – such as icy sidewalks, unmarked wet floors, and broken steps – could make him or her liable.
  • Auto accidents: Car accidents occur frequently in the state. In fact, New Hampshire ranks 50 percent higher than the national average for fatal crashes due to speeding. Other common forms of recklessness while driving include disobeying traffic laws, using a cellphone, adjusting the GPS, failing to yield, driving under the influence, and daydreaming.
  • Motorcycle accidentsOften, drivers throughout the county do not notice when a motorcycle is on the road. Some simply just don’t show the same respect for motorcyclists as they do other motorists. For these reasons and others, including simply disobeying the law, statistics show that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than car passengers.
  • Commercial truck accidents: There were 19 fatal crashes that involved large trucks in New Hampshire, in 2018. These types of road accidents tend to be catastrophic due to the size and force of trucks. Pursuing liability is often very complicated since truck accidents usually involve multiple responsible parties and insurance companies. 
  • Dog bitesEach year, more than 4.7 million people across the US are bitten by dogs, with small children being the most vulnerable. In 2019, New Hampshire ranked among the top three states with the highest average cost per dog bite claim. These attacks can be frightening and usually result in scarring physically and emotionally. The owner of the dog could be liable for any injuries caused from bites by his or her dog.
  • Social Security disability: A person may qualify for Social Security disability benefits when he or she suffers a mental or physical disability that prevents the daily routine of work. However, there are many obstacles to receiving disability payments, such as claim denial, insufficient medical evidence, and failure to cooperate. Some cases must even be argued in court with the help of an experienced lawyer.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional or facility negligently violates the standard of care. Life-changing injuries, or even premature death, often result from such negligence. One report stated that more than 250,000 deaths occur each year in the nation due to medical errors. In 2020, New Hampshire had 92 adverse action reports filed against health care practitioners.
  • Wrongful death: When someone’s negligence results in the death of another, this constitutes a wrongful death. Losing a loved one is emotionally crushing. The loss may be especially compounded, though, when it could have been avoided. Wrongful death cases cover a wide range of areas, such as motor vehicle or bicycle accidents, construction accidents, product liability, and violent acts.

Get Your Case in Good hands With Our Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Nashua, NH

The change in circumstances that comes from experiencing a personal injury in Nashua, NH, can leave you feeling totally overwhelmed. Any pain that you may be experiencing may be further increased by the frustration of increasing medical expenses and an inability to return to work.

Do not allow yourself to suffer in silence. The attorneys of Kiley Law Group can put their years of personal injury law experience to work for you to get the settlement you deserve.

It would be wise to get legal advice from one of our attorneys serving Hillsborough County as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for submitting most personal injury claims in New Hampshire is just 3 years from the time of the accident. So there is no time to lose – get your case in good hands now by getting legal advice from a lawyer with our firm.

It is only logical and fair that the person who caused your injury due to his or her negligence should be held liable for the expenses of your recovery. However, often insurance adjusters will initially try to offer a low amount for settlement. Do not settle for any offer without first speaking to an attorney. The lawyer that you choose to fight for you will have a direct effect on the amount of your recovery.

Let Kiley Law Group, LLC, put our years of legal experience to work for you and get you every penny you deserve. Call us at 888-437-2584. Our consultation is free, and we only collect if you get your compensation.

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