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Kiley Law Group is a personal injury law firm dedicated to serving the citizens of Waltham, Massachusetts. Our top rated personal injury attorneys have over 40 years of litigation experience and have won over $500 million dollars in awards and settlements for our clients. Residents of Waltham, MA can count on the attorneys at Kiley Law Group to fight for their right to fair compensation if they are injured in an accident. The Massachusetts personal injury lawyers at Kiley Law Group are available to take your case. For a free consultation Call 978-965-3228.

Waltham Personal Injury Attorney

Waltham is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts located about 11 miles from Boston. It boasts a growing population of 60,000 plus citizens and is home to two institutions of higher learning, Bentley University and Brandeis University as well as many other businesses and industries. Waltham is close to U.S. Interstate 95 and has easy access off of two exits. To the south is the Massachusetts Turnpike which is also Interstate 90. The MBTA commuter rail serves Waltham with two stops. This Massachusetts city also has numerous biking and walking paths along the Charles River that some commuters use to ride to Boston.

Personal injury accidents happen in every city in America and Waltham, MA is no exception. Automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, injuries involving motorcycles and bicycles are just some of the ways you could become a victim of another person’s negligence. Victims deserve fair compensation and many insurance companies are designed to limit or nullify your personal injury claim. Victims of accidents deserve accurate legal advice and honest legal representation. The attorneys at Kiley Law Group are experts in injury cases. If you need help, please call the law office of Kiley Law Group.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fees in Massachusetts

Being the victim of an accident can be devastating. Not only is there the physical pain involved in recovery but also the psychological, and financial worry that is unfortunately part of the recovery process. Sadly, auto accidents can also result in the death of a loved one with the resulting grief and trauma associated with such a loss, as well as the immense financial impact on survivors. It can be overwhelming. The attorneys at Kiley Law Group understand that the effects of an accident can be long term and life changing. Along with their experience and compassion they offer a “No Fee Guarantee” which means you don’t pay until your case is won. You can focus on healing and recovery while attorneys pursue the compensation that you deserve. Kiley Law Group is standing by to answer any questions and set up a free consultation to discuss your case. Call 978-965-3228 available 24 hours.

What To Do After A Car Accident in Waltham, MA

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident the first thing to do is to get medical help for yourself and anyone else in the vehicle with you who may be injured. It is important to file reports and exchange insurance information with the other driver or drivers who are involved in the accident. It is helpful if you can gather information, such as, photographs of the accident scene, contact information for any witnesses that may have seen what happened, and photographic evidence of your injuries.

The true costs of a car accident are sometimes not known right away. Even an accident that seems minor can cause long lasting effects, both physically and psychologically. The personal injury lawyers at Kiley Law Group encourage anyone involved in an accident in Waltham to contact a personal injury lawyer right away, even before contacting their insurance company. Personal injury lawyers understand that it takes time for the full effects of an accident to be evident and the Waltham personal injury attorneys at Kiley Law Group are committed to getting you the compensation you are due.

Massachusetts Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Riding a bicycle or walking to work can be a great commuting option. Not only does it save on car emissions in the city and help with road congestion, it may also lower your stress level and reduce your waistline. Unfortunately thousands of pedestrians and bicyclists are injured every year because many drivers are focused on other automobiles or distracted by cell phones. Kiley Law Group knows that accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists are likely to result in a higher rate of catastrophic injuries. Negligent driving is more damaging to cyclists and pedestrians because they don’t have the protection of a car surrounding them and are therefore more vulnerable to injury. Children are often involved in these types of accidents and the effects can be long term and debilitating. Kiley Law Group in MA has experience litigating these types of cases and are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions.

Waltham Massachusetts Winter Driving Accidents

Winters in MA can be severe and tough on drivers. Snow packed roads can lead to dangerous driving conditions and even seasoned Waltham residents can find it a challenge to navigate safely. If a roadway is unmaintained and there are black ice conditions the odds of an accident increase. The attorneys at Kiley Law Group understand that winter driving can be tough on everyone, poorly plowed roads, defective vehicles, and low visibility takes its toll and if you are in an injury accident they are here to help. Trust Kiley Law Group to help you recover from winter driving accidents and settle your case with the compensation you are due.

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Massachusetts

Kiley Law Group is dedicated to helping the victims of drunk driving. If you have been injured, or lost a loved one due to a drunk driver, please call Kiley Law Group to discuss your case. They are here to help.

According to the NHTSA 40% of all vehicle deaths are the result of someone driving while intoxicated. Despite billboards and television campaigns to educate about the dangers of drunk driving, reckless individuals still get behind the wheel and drive while impaired. Drunk driving accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, long term disabilities and financial devastation as well as the loss of a loved one. It is important that you contact Kiley Law Group after an accident involving drunk driving . Your claim must be filed within the time frame allowed by law or you will lose your opportunity to seek compensation. Call Kiley Law Group at 978-965-3228 We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Legal Service in Waltham, MA

Any involvement in an injury accident is painful and disruptive, some injuries such as broken and fractured bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputation injuries, can have long lasting and even permanent effects. Some injuries may require extensive rehabilitation and possibly even life-long care. Catastrophic injuries can limit a person’s ability to work and may totally eliminate any ability to support his or her family. Saving money for the future often becomes impossible in these situations. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury it is important that you have a law firm with the knowledge and dedication required to secure a settlement that can help you cope for the long term. Call the accident attorneys at Kiley Law Group for a free evaluation of your case.

Distracted Driving Personal Injury Law Firm in Waltham, MA

Operating a motor vehicle in Waltham Massachusetts is serious business, with a population of over 60 thousand people it is important to stay focused. Massachusetts has a Safe Driving Law that limits the use of cell phones while driving. Texting while driving is not allowed by law and younger, inexperienced drivers are banned from using cell phones completely. Bus drivers are also banned from using cell phones while driving. Regardless of the law, thousands of drivers mistakenly think they can drive safely while talking on the phone or texting.

If you have been involved in an accident where a distracted driver was cited, or a cell phone was used inappropriately while driving, and you were injured as a result, the personal injury lawyers with the Kiley Law Group can help. Cell phone records, police reports and witness testimonies can be investigated by law firms and used to strengthen your case. Waltham, MA attorneys with Kiley Law Group are standing by to answer your questions and give legal advice. Available 24 hours a day, call 978-965-3228