What Does a Slip and Fall Lawyer Do?

A slip-and-fall accident is what happens when an individual slips, trips, or falls on someone else’s property and suffers injuries as a result. These types of accidents can happen on both private and public property, in private homes or businesses. There are a variety of reasons someone might slip and fall – from wet floors to poor lighting.

Slip-and-fall accidents can also cause a wide range of injuries. These injuries can include minor sprains and fractures but can also be much more serious. They are a leading cause of injury in the United States, with thousands of people suffering injuries each year. Have you been hurt in a slip-and-fall accident?

To prove liability in a slip-and-fall accident, it must be shown that the property owner had a duty to maintain the property in a safe condition and failed to do so. This process can be complicated and puzzling. However, with the help of an experienced slip and fall lawyer, you can succeed.

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What a Slip and Fall Lawyer Does?

A slip and fall lawyer specializes in cases involving individuals injured due to slipping, tripping, or falling on someone else’s property. These types of accidents are commonly referred to as “premises liability” cases. In such cases, the property owner may be held liable for the injuries sustained by the individual.

Slip and fall lawyers often handle cases involving accidents that occur on private and public property. These locations include:

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Public property, such as sidewalks, parks, and government buildings

The role of a slip and fall lawyer begins with the initial consultation. During this meeting, the lawyer can gather information about the accident, such as the circumstances surrounding the fall, the injuries sustained, and any medical treatment that has been received.

The lawyer can also discuss the accident victim’s legal options. He or she can analyze the potential value of the case. If you decide to move forward with the case, the lawyer can begin the process of gathering evidence to support your claim.

How Can a Slip and Fall Lawyer Investigate Your Claim?

What can slip-and-fall lawyers do for you? Their investigation can include the following:

  • Taking photographs of the accident scene
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Obtaining any relevant medical records

Your lawyer can also conduct research to determine whether the property owner or occupier has a duty to maintain the property in a safe condition. The lawyer can determine if they failed to do so. Then, the attorney can analyze the connection to the victim’s injuries.

How Slip and Fall Attorneys Handle Communication With Insurance Companies

Once the lawyer has gathered all the necessary evidence, he or she can begin the process of negotiating with the insurance company for the property owner or occupier. This may involve drafting a demand letter outlining your injuries and the value of the case. Your lawyer can submit this draft to the insurance company.

The insurance company may then make a settlement offer. Your lawyer can review it and discuss it with you. If the settlement offer is not acceptable, the lawyer may proceed with filing a lawsuit.

How Your Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You in a Lawsuit

If a lawsuit is filed, the lawyer can then be responsible for representing you in court.

What can your lawyer do for you if your case goes to court? On your behalf, an attorney can:

  • Draft legal briefs
  • Interview witnesses
  • Argue the case in front of a judge and jury

The lawyer can also be responsible for negotiating a settlement or reaching a verdict. This verdict or settlement can be with the insurance company, property owner, or occupier.

Throughout the process, your slip and fall lawyer can work closely with you to ensure that you understand what is happening. Your lawyer can inform you of any developments in the case and how these affect you.

A Slip-and-Fall Lawyer Can Help You Obtain Compensation

In a slip and fall case, an individual who has been injured as a result of slipping, tripping, or falling on someone else’s property may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and related expenses. This can include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Let us discuss these points in a bit more detail.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can include the cost of medical treatment. Examples could be:

  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Prescription medication

If the injured person requires ongoing medical treatment or rehabilitation, these expenses can also be included in the claim. Additionally, if the individual is unable to work as a result of injuries, he or she may be able to claim compensation for lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are one category of non-economic damages that can be awarded in a slip and fall case. This can include compensation for:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The amount of compensation awarded for pain and suffering can depend on the severity of the injuries. Their impact on the individual’s life can also be analyzed and included.

In some cases, an individual may also be able to claim compensation for loss of consortium. This can include compensation for the loss of companionship, love, and support of a spouse or family member as a result of the injuries sustained in the slip-and-fall accident.

What Challenges Can a Slip and Fall Lawyer Confront on Your Behalf?

It is important to note that in order to receive compensation, it must be proven that the property owner has a duty to maintain the property in a safe condition. It must be proven that he or she failed to do so. This failure must be linked to the victim’s injuries.

A case can become more complicated if the property owner can prove that he or she took reasonable steps to prevent the accident. The owner of the property may be able to establish that you were partially at fault for your injuries. This does not eliminate your ability to recover damages, but it may be more difficult to recover compensation.

Additionally, the amount of compensation awarded in a slip and fall case can depend on the specific circumstances of the accident. Compensation can also vary depending on the severity of the injuries. A skilled lawyer can help assess these points. He or she can then pursue a fair amount of compensation on your behalf.

What are the Common Types of Slip-and-Fall Accidents?

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen in a variety of settings and can be caused by a wide range of hazards. However, some types of slip-and-fall accidents are more common than others. Some of the most common types of slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Wet floor accidents: When floors are not properly cleaned or marked, this can result in a slip-and-fall on a wet or slippery surface. Common causes include spills, leaks, and tracked-in water.
  • Stairway accidents: These accidents occur when stairways are not properly maintained, resulting in uneven or slick surfaces. Common causes include broken or missing handrails, poor lighting, and worn or damaged steps.
  • Uneven surface accidents: When surfaces are not level, this can easily result in tripping and falling. Common causes include cracked or broken sidewalks, potholes, and raised or lowered areas of flooring.
  • Poor lighting accidents: If the lighting in a building or area is insufficient, it can be difficult to see and cause tripping or falling. Common causes include burned-out light bulbs, inadequate lighting fixtures, and lack of light at night.
  • Slip and fall on ice or snow: These accidents occur when surfaces are not properly cleared of snow and ice. Common causes include not using enough salt, not clearing snow and ice in a timely manner, and not providing enough traction on the surfaces.
  • Trip and fall on debris: These falls happen when there is debris that is not cleaned up. Common causes include cluttered floors, debris from construction or repair projects, and items left out of place.

It’s important to note that property owners can prevent many slip-and-fall accidents by taking reasonable steps to maintain their properties in a safe condition. This includes regularly inspecting and maintaining the property. The property owner can promptly address any hazards and provide adequate warning of any known hazards.

Kiley Law Group’s Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Assist You

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen in various places due to many reasons. Whether your slip-and-fall accident is because of a wet floor, damaged stairway, uneven surface, poor lighting, ice or snow, or tripping and falling on debris, a personal injury attorney can help you.

These accidents can often be prevented by property owners taking appropriate steps to keep their properties safe. If they failed to take these steps and you were injured, Kiley Law Group can help you.

We can analyze your case, identify the negligent party, and clearly explain how negligence was involved in your accident. Perhaps most importantly, we can determine how much compensation you deserve and help you get both it and justice. Call us now for a free consultation at (888) 435-1321.

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